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With over 30 years combined experience in the Australian tourism industry, we are genuinely enthusiastic about helping tourism products be the best that they can be helping Australia to grow as a world-leading tourism destination. 

Why we do it!

We are based on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. We both love the Gold Coast. We are passionate about promoting this wonderful destination for all it has to offer. From the breathtaking views and chilled out vibe of Burleigh Heads to the tranquillity of the walks through rainforests like Springbrook, not to mention the mouth-watering restaurants at Broadbeach and the family fun of the theme parks, the Gold Coast has something for everyone. The Gold Coast is truly an amazing holiday destination and we are both very proud to be a part of helping tourism grow.

We met while working at Paradise Jet Boating and quickly noticed that not only do we work very well together but we both love the tourism industry and genuinely want to help people and see their business succeed. The more outstanding quality products we have on the Gold Coast, will only strengthen our position as a leading tourist destination in Australia and the world.

We understand that it’s hard out there for small businesses and there is so much to learn. As a business owner it can be difficult to decide what to spend your money on, and who to spend it with. Not everyone can afford a full-time sales and marketing manager and engaging consultants for these tasks can end up costing you a small fortune. We provide an honest service at a reasonable price. We genuinely want to help you and will use our expertise to help you make the most cost-effective decisions for your business…and we don’t overcharge. In fact, many times we will try to talk you out of spending money on certain things…. we will help you implement strategies within your budget, to focus your efforts on activities that will boost your business.


The Boost Tourism Team

David Abrahams

David Abrahams

Boosting Digital & Online

Dave has lived in Australia for years 19 years. Originally from London, Dave was a computer/network engineer servicing the southeast of England working for the UK’s largest computer manufacturer. Dave is Microsoft & CompTIA certified with a diploma in Information Technology.

After moving to Australia, he started working in the tourism industry managing the largest tourism reseller outlet in Surfers Paradise.

Since then Dave has helped many local tourism resellers and operators including Aquaduck SafarisQld Scuba Diving and for the past 6 years he has been employed as the Digital Development & I.T Manager for Paradise Jet Boating, this is where he met Zoe (his wife to be) & Boost Tourism was born. Now Dave still manages everything digital for Paradis Jet Boating, Qld Scuba Diving, Aquauck Gold Coast, Aquaduck Sunshine Coast and Southern Cross Tours.


Zoe Abrahams

Zoe Abrahams

Boosting Sales & Marketing

Zoe studied and achieved a bachelors degree in Business (Marketing and Sports Management) at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Within a few years of completing her degree she started working for what was then a new, small jet boating company.

After more than 12 years Zoe as the Sales & Marketing Manager for what has become one of the Gold Coast’s leading tourism operators, Paradise Jet Boating also known as Australia’s Number 1 Jetboat Ride. This is where she met Dave (her husband to be) and Boost Tourism was born.
Zoe is now the Marketing manager for Aquaduck and Southern Cross Tours.

Zoe has a fantastic reputation amongst her network of contacts within the tourism industry and has worked with all levels of the distribution system – online, local, domestic and international as well as regional, state and national tourism organisations.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on providing an honest, professional service at an affordable price.


We both pride ourselves on being good people. This means that one of our main values is honesty. Yes we want to work with you and yes we want to help your business grow, we will not give you any false hope or promises, it is hard out there and we understand that as a business owner you have a thousand things to manage. Let us help you, we can work TOGETHER to ensure that you get the BOOST that you need. We will be up front with you about what you need to do and how to do it. We will find a solution that suits your budget and wont lock you into ridiculous contracts or hidden fees.


Professionalism and integrity are at the core of who we are. We say what we do and do what we say… on time, without overcharging.

It is our goal to work with you to improve your product, to ensure it is professionally presented and visible to your target markets and to make your product a leading, quality tourism experience.

Yes the tourism industry is full of people on holiday having fun and enjoying themselves, and while it is good to have fun and ensure that your customers enjoy their experience with you, it is also vital that your business operates in a professional manner producing a safe and memorable activity that continues to promote Australia as a leading tourism destination. 


We have found that so many companies out there overcharge. This is a true story… we found out that one tourism company was charged $58,000 for a basic website and 8months of social media management……AND THEY PAID IT. This is ridiculous and so many people are overcharging for similar services. Yes, we do charge you but we are upfront about our costs and we will do our very best to keep costs down and only recommend you invest in areas that will help your business grow. 

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